Mini Plus Size Haul + MY FIRST BIKINI OF 2018!!!!

What’d you think of MY FIRST FATKINI OF THE YEAR?!?!? I’m obsessed – link below! How are we feeling about Loralette? Like the clothes? How about the prices??? You can shop them here:

Floral Top:
Pink Babydoll Top:
Grey Cardigan:
Striped Dress:


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41 Responses

  1. Toni Flood says:

    I would love to see you include Vlogs!

  2. Vlogs would be amazing 💜

  3. Cara Eskins says:

    I love cardigans I nearly wear them everyday at work

  4. Ágnes Kozma says:

    and i feel like long vlogs from you would be nice 😀

  5. Ágnes Kozma says:

    i love how with the second top, you touch your hair in both clips at the same time and the same way 😀 😀 😀 thats so cute <3

  6. Great video!! 😍💘✨

    As a fat person getting a primary doctor for the first time as an adult I'm extremely concerned. I fear that I won't be taken seriously due to my weight. Like my weight will be the the reason for everything "wrong" with me or will be brought up at all times as a problem. I was wondering if this would be a good video/blog topic for you? I would love to know what you think and if you have any advice for going to doctor appointments as a fat person 😊😊😊 thank you!

  7. pinkskies21 says:

    Definitely should go up a cup size or two on the bikini… your cup runneth over

  8. I like the little pink blouse and the Fatkini. Love watching your hauls cause your so real and tell us just the way it is. Lol. I definately think you should do Vlogs this year, its nice to switch things up and have a variety of different content.❤

  9. Tara Morris says:

    Love the bathing suit ♡♡

  10. Aniah Bland says:

    I don't mind longer videos! I plan my day and meals around videos lol.

  11. Idk if you have or not, but I would love to see you check out Addition Elle!

  12. To Love says:

    Your hair is so cute and i love the pink baby doll shirt on you

  13. mandas677 says:

    Do you think you could do a woman within haul? It's a new to me store and the price range is really reasonable (especially with their coupons and ebates), but I don't know about the quality and my budget is so small I can't risk a buy without someone I trust reviewing the quality.

  14. Lorri Bell says:

    Love blogs…keep on this channel! Love the suit, im no brave enough to wear it

  15. The pink baby doll you're wearing is so cute. How tall are you? You say your clothes size which is so helpful, but it would be good if you regularly said your height. That would help when looking at the dresses you wear. Thanks.

  16. You are so adorable!!!!!!!

  17. Zoey Waldron says:

    Please make longer videos! I love you 😍

  18. Hell YES!!! Too more vlogs!!! 👐👐

  19. Lily_Sue says:

    Love this all being plus size is so hard to find cute swimsuits!! I actually just started my channel, if anyone has pointers for me please let me know!!

  20. Vlogs please! I love your hauls. Always so informative!

  21. Vlog it up beautiful!! Love everything you found!

  22. VSGwise 1 says:

    I love long videos and I love vlogs too!

  23. Jackie Birch says:

    Did the leggings have a couple of small holes in them, wasn't sure if they did or not… (on the back)… I would have thought for $83 (New Zealand $) it would have been better quality fabric.

  24. i love all fat girl flow content so always excited for new videos. I do like separation of vlogs and hauls, so def keep in the same channel but you know, seperate videos. I think this was a good length video but wouldn't mind longer eithier.

  25. B&T Webb says:

    Thankyou for this video ive been looking at loralette omg ! That suit top love it

  26. Jenn R says:

    Striped dress is cute, love the pink baby doll shirt too. And you can never have too many cardigans. I'm not into a whole separate vlog channel tbh. It just seems like all your content as of now is pretty much good for this brand but you do you boo.

  27. jay c says:

    the pink babydoll top is so cute! and YES to longer videos and vlogs!!! 🙂

  28. l d says:

    longer videos are awesome! i am grateful for the short ones too! i lovveee your vlogs 🙂

  29. emmacolorful says:

    Vlogs are so fun! Yes yes!

  30. Sarah Miller says:

    I AM ALL ABOUT LONG VIDEOS. Also, video idea (you can pay me later 😉 : WHAT IF you did like a semi- look book/ vlog hybrid (example, your new swimsuit!) and show off the swimsuit first in a cute look book format and then in a vlog format at the beach. and then cut to another cute outfit in the look book – then you're out on the town in said outfit talking about how it's holding up, comfort levels BUT ALSO about your day etc. I am the master of ideaaaas. Always in awe of you and keep up the good work! <3

  31. Terri Boyd says:

    I'd like to see blogs here. A second channel annoys me because that's two of multiple people's channels to keep up with. Lol!

  32. L. A. says:


  33. Steph Ss says:

    Yeah, that was kinda pricy. The nipple seams are very annoying indeed.

  34. I want vlogs. I want hauls. I want it all!

  35. Id love more vlogs and keeping it together would be easier

  36. Do all the videos!! 😊 I’ll take any kind of videos

  37. Paul Kelly says:

    Corrisa, looking beautiful as always! I really liked the leggings, they looked fantastic on you, and matched with the pink baby doll, it was great. Yes, please, vlogs and videos, I always look forward to your stuff. If you create another channel, I will just have to subscribe to that too.

  38. Becky Bee says:

    I'm not into the deep scoop neck babydoll shirts. I feel like they're hardcore pushed onto the plus size community and to me they're just mehhh naw

  39. I love avenue swimwear especially the bikini tops to wear with shorts. I have modeled for Avenue in Chico CA and had so much fun!!
    Went to go buy that white bikini top and I can't find it – any help? All I can find is the black bikini top I already have – thank you!!

  40. I get so happy when you upload 💖 Your channel is way helpful for me to find clothes for my girlfriend, so thank you so much! You always wear such cute clothes. And also, I just love your channel anyway, lol 😙

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