Bikini Haul High Quality AFFORDABLE Season 2 vlog 69

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Peach Triangle Bikini

Bow-Knot Bikini, V Style Bottom Blue

Brazilian Top, Thong Bottom White Bandeau

Red String Bikini

Mint Green String Bikini

White Strap Swimsuit with V style bottoms

Sun Laboratory self tanner

Choker Necklace

Garage Heater

Amazing Grass Plant Protein Super food Powder
All Natural Whey Protein Powder Shake:
DISCOUNT CODE: florinafit
BodyTech Creatine & Glutamine

Fitness Gear:
FitKicks (flat sock shoes with Hard Bottoms):
Strength Training Fitness Rope:
Half Moon Yoga Ball:
Weighted Hoola Hoop:
HemingWeigh Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality
https: //
Marcy 3-Level Dumbbell Rack
Resistance Band Set – with Door Anchor, Handles, Ankle Straps
Body Solid Smith Machine + Free weight Weights Included:
Duo Grip Pilates Ring Magic Fitness Exercise Yoga Circle
Total-Body Revoflex (bicep curl)
Barbell Curl Bar
Squat Sponge
Simple Squat/Barbell Rack
Rubber Dumbbells (no damage or loud noise to floor)
Thicker Booty Rubber Bands
Bench With Leg Extention Attachment
Wrist support Gloves

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46 Responses

  1. Judith Akele says:

    Soooooo I just found your channel today (and bingewatched nearly all vids) and I can savely say im OBSESSED🙂 you’re mentality, energy and everything speaksssss to me! You got a new sub💜

  2. Vanda Dy says:

    I don't see how could anyone complain about her in a bikini? this is a blessing to me 😍

  3. dsoyarte says:

    You and your lucky husband , are just doing fine !!!!, Life is short and it seems tu run faster every day that passes by, So please enjoy and try to have and even squeeze fun from every moment you have together.

    While doing t, you will building a treasure of fine moments to fill your jar of memories.

    So it s not just your amazing body , and nice way that you use to express yourself but your whole attitude, what really amazes me and makes you so gorgeus.

  4. Yummy,I would worship your beautiful booty all day 😉

  5. Wow ! You look super fit ! Nice bod Florina! my favorite bikini is the first one . Love it !!

  6. fero2173 says:


  7. Adam West says:

    Wow how good are you looking 😘

  8. “I am a large, and I look damn good in a large.” Lmao I LOVE it!! 😂 I always wear a large in most everything so this hits me right at home. Awesome video. You’re gorgeous as always Love ❤️

  9. sarajinki says:

    Love the transitioning effect haha And I really love the last one on you, they are all amazing, but the white pops against your tan and I love the shape!

  10. Love it " you clicked it don't bitch about it "

  11. Omar Kayham says:

    You´re so sexy; please don´t forget to flex your bíceps!

  12. Dang! I’m 5’1 and weigh 140lbs 🙁 time for me to lose weight for summer :3

  13. You deserve to wear that bikini where ever you want girl!! I don’t understand people who say bikinis are not appropriate….it a freakin bikini… get over it! You look lovely in all of them!!🔥🔥

  14. You are a very pretty woman and I just love ur bum. You have nice tits and a very hot bum.

  15. Court says:

    Love your personality!!! ❤️

  16. grbluen says:

    Awesome video! I loved the special effects! Oh, and you were OK too!

  17. You look amazing,I was curious what your thigh measurements were?

  18. Bert Smith says:

    Love the videos!!! Your camera man,,,(husband) is one lucky guy,,, your so beautiful and amazing smokin hot body,,, #3 and red one are soo amazing on you!!! Bootie is amazing!!!

  19. I have to say , that I loved the last one . However , with you in them , they all look fantastic . Thanks . Norm.xxxx

  20. Al X says:


  21. Totally #1!!! Thanks for making these videos, honestly I didn’t even think about getting the fit right verses the size I want to be. Not sure why! You are so right no one is going to ask! Much love!

  22. Hi Florina!
    You look great in red very fashionable indeed!
    I notice you work out too in the gym.
    Some Girls and Women who are in to fitness also do armwrestling videos.
    One example is Lucy Goosey of the "Lucy Fitness Channel".
    She is quite good too even beating some of the guys!!
    Just wondering are you willing to try a friendly armwrestling match or 2 against against any of the ladies at the gym or maybe a fun armwrestling challenge with your girlfriends?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Good luck Floriana and keep up your good fitness program because it is certainly working for you.

  23. jen says:

    I don't know how to say this without sounding weird, but I wanted to compliment how you always manage to look sexy without being in anyone's face about it. It's very understated, and yet super noticeable if that makes sense. I feel like that's a very rare thing these days. Some of the (male) comments on here are just plain sketch, but keep doing you girl!

  24. Slichman500 says:

    I love watching you, i could watch you all day 😍😍

  25. Sorry Florina I can’t pic one 🤔
    You have an amazing body they all look amazing 👍🏻🙂 bella

  26. Bambi ovalle says:

    Wow 40 plus hips you don’t look that big probably cus of your height
    Before falling pregnant I was 26” waist and 40-41 hips but I’m 5 2 “ so I look much bigger
    And I don’t work out as hard as you do so BMI is not at all the same lol……
    You look amazing 👍🏽
    I could never wear a bikini too many stretch marks GAH!!!!!
    You are blessed with great skin 👏🏽

  27. wulukakene says:

    The red one! I actually own that exact bikini in black – needed an lbb and discovered that style is super flattering (especially the cheeky seam in the rear) after buying a fourth of July flag bikini with the same features. Love your stuff, Florina!

  28. "You clicked on it, so don't b** about it" 🤣🤣 oh you're my favorite 😍😍

  29. N G. says:

    Love your knowledge and confidence, Florina. Three weeks ago I started my fitness journey and began leaning. I'm thinking about buying your plan once I want to bulk. Is that something a lot of your clients do?

  30. becca7427 says:

    You inspired me to try on some of my own bikinis and it made me feel great – thank you for an awesome video looking forward to the one piece!!

  31. VRAP 2424 says:

    12:13 ….unbelievable throw/catch!!!

  32. Loved the pastel pink & the red! I thought you looked dynamite in the red! Gorgeous! Loved the bikini changes by the way 😉

  33. All look great on you. It encourages me to work harder, blessings

  34. I like the first one and really liked and think the red one looks amazing on you, with your tan skin and hair color its a classic and really pops!!! I also love the blue and white checkered one those are my two favorite colors together! Looking good!!!

  35. The pink bikini looks awesome and the best on you 👍💋💕♥.

  36. Your a goddess and a Victoria secret model girl 😎💋👍💕♥😘💖.

  37. dldl says:

    Love the first one but all the colours look great! For me, February is too early to be thinking about swimwear but I hate when the warm weather starts to come and you can’t find any appropriate clothes in the stores. They’ve already been snapped up the season before! Maybe I should start looking 👀 lol


  39. You look really good in your bikini’s! I’m favorite was the red one! But hey what was the song that you was playing in between your haul? I like the music!!! 🔥🔥

  40. orerororeo says:

    You look amazing in all of them and its hard to choose one, personally I liked no. 2 🙂 Red look gorgeous on you ..  the last part of the video  was so  funny 🙂

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