***The P’tula restock/launch is February 12th @ 10AM EST!! Full try on coming soon and details coming soon!***

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter: @klynneyager

My 2nd channel: Kelly & Chris

Motiv8 Performance Athlete https://www.motiv8performance.com use “YAGER30” to get 30% OFF your purchase

P’tula Active – Use code “KELLY” at checkout



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12 Responses

  1. Ahhhh I can’t wait for the Ptula restock 😍

  2. Is the hoodie you have an existing hoodie or new one?

  3. Totally worth it. Keep them all!

  4. Kari Hill says:

    Keep it!! Super cute finds!!! And the winter plum 😍😍💜

  5. k dotts says:

    TREAT YO SELF ! keep it (:

  6. Keep the Nike sweater! Super nice and love the under armor top, keep it all! You work hard girl 👏🏽

  7. That Nike shirt is A keeper!! if you can afford it, it is worth it, you only live once, and you work hard, so treat yourself!!
    I love that Ptula bra!! I always have to size up too, not that I have any boobs but my back is wide.
    You might consider getting A resistance band to work on your pullup strength, I had been doing the assisted machine at my gym for three years and not getting anywhere, plus if you are like me they got easier as I would lose weight.
    If you feel brave you might try the sweetleaf stevia drops, I have had bloating from the erythritol in the regular store brand but the sweet leaf drops are just stevia and water I can use them without issues. sorry to leave the longest comment in the history of YouTube but I watch your videos and feel like I know you and have so much to say, bye 🙂

  8. the nike sweatshirt is too cute to return!! treat yo self😊

  9. Claudia G says:

    The sweatshirt is so cute! Just keep it lol

  10. Andrea Baker says:

    Love that Nike sweatshirt! Might have to see if I can find that 😋

  11. Mrs. Ford says:

    If you are looking for a white pair of shoes I purchased the Nike Free Run Flyknit 2017 in white and LOVE them. It was a while ago so I think Nike sold out of the white color but Champs Sports online still has them. Or white Adidas ultra boost or NMDs are great as well.

  12. I’m happy to know that the Dick’s here isn’t the only one that never has shoes. Great store…but never has what I want, when I want it. Can’t wait for the P’tula launch 🚀

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