MMPhotography – Behind the scenes (Sundown Bikini Shoot)


Young german photographer Matt Mueller once again takes you behind the scenes to another photoshoot.

This time, I was fortunate enough to meet up with beautiful model Sonja and assistant Anke to shoot her in a bikini during sundown hours. The river where this was shot is located in Germany, near the city of DΓΌsseldorf and is called “Rhine River”. Now sit back and relax, and enjoy another episode of MMPhotography Behind the Scenes.

All pictures (+more) are available to see at my website:

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16 Responses

  1. well, ive seen lachapelle shoot w/ a phaseone, and others also rely on various medium format cameras. Considering the superb quality it's not much of a surprise too. However a mf w/ a digiback is worth quite a chunk of money, they run up to 50000$, so not a lot of people can afford that. specifically for the rb, theres the rz model out which has some advantages over old rb so im guessing that if their choice was a 67, theyd probably go for the rz and get the adapter to connect it to the back

  2. arseshan says:

    I have heard of Big timers preferring rb67 over 1ds or even d3's. How much of it is true???

  3. arseshan says:

    @kstangent Watch my video m8, I used a camera phone. I hope u like it.

  4. well in my price range it still is. im still a student and cant afford a – lets say – 1ds mk3. so the scans from my mamiya have a higher resolution than my 5d. i was talking about my personal stuff, not about general camera equipment / what is available on the market.

  5. thanks!! you're dead on with your take on film/digital photography. it's about lighting primarily, so if you know how to light stuff, the image substantially looks the same (although when you shoot high ISO/ASA film grain is more attractive to me). Plus, the resolution is somewhat higher on film.

  6. Great Images πŸ™‚

    Gear doesn't make THAT much difference πŸ™‚
    And better back does not make anyone better.

    I personally shoot digital, but if someone uses film for great pictures – it is just great. Not matter what the gear was indeed.

    Lachapelle made most of his images with just a simple film MF pentax πŸ™‚ Who cares.

    The result – is the only thing, that matters.

  7. haha that would result in a once-and-never-again client i bet πŸ˜€

  8. exactly. this is just for fun, playing around. if i was doing a real fashion shoot i'd rent a digital back (which is by far the best solution for me as well as the client moneywise).

    Plus, I would probably not shoot with a setup like this. lol.

  9. well, the equipment i'm shooting with is not expensive. if you watch the movie, youll see that its a mamiya rb67 and film, so if you go to ebay, you can get that for lets say about 300 bucks. above, i was stating the fact why i don't own a digital back. and yes, that is due to money reasons, but i think i said it before, i do like the grain film produces.

  10. All these rich people and their fancy equipment makes me feel inadequate lol

  11. well, to be exact, i DONT have the money to afford a hasselblad. thats why i use my Mamiya (and I'm happy with it).

    I do own a Canon 5d though, so if I have to shoot digital (like weddings or such) i used canon.

  12. well. its my choice. the quality is better in my eyes. its just how i feel. i love my film lol

  13. and then probably another 3-4 grand on good glass, I'd rather save that money to save up for a digiback. I'm still a student, so I have to look after my money πŸ™‚

  14. (cause they're ridiculously expensive – 40000$), because i'm using a Mamiya i would have to go with the Mamiya ZD Back (around 7000$) or the Leaf Aptus (starting 15000$). However, all of those amounts of money are wayyyy over what I can spend.
    2) I'm a canon guy, and I'm pretty sure I'll keep using it. I have lots of lenses by now and quite frankly I like the 5d. Before spending 4000$ on a D3

  15. humm.. thanks a lot for the suggestion dude.
    But there's two things:

    1) I'd love to get a digital back. If you've ever used it before, you know that the quality easily blows out every small format digital camera. Luckily, I dont have to get a digiback for the Hasselblad

  16. cause of the medium format quality. I dont have the money to get a digital back yet, so I still use film. Plus (although this doesnt affect this certain shoot) if you shoot high ASA the grain looks so much better than digital noise.

    Personally, I can choose between medium format film and my Canon 5d, which I do use, but for fashion / glamour shootings, I favor the Mamiya.

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