Why I Don’t Wear Bikinis to the Beach

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Hey guys! Today I’m back with another video, sharing some moments from November including christmas shopping, thrifting with me and a little beach holiday with one of my best friends. I talk about why I choose not to wear bikinis at the beach in the 2nd half of the vlog (but just note that I still own and wear them depending on the location and level of sun!). I also wanted to apologise for the lack of videos the past couple of weeks and throughout 2017. This entire year has not been one of my best for posting content and I’m actually hoping to start fresh when the holiday season has ended. I feel like I was stuck in a rut after my schedule and filming setup got thrown off after I moved again this year. On top of that, the major changes with YouTube (that have negatively impacted almost every channel) left me feeling very unmotivated. However, I have so many ideas for content on this channel and for my cooking channel, which is a project I’ve been itching to start in 2018. I’ve also been posting to my insta stories a lot more recently to keep you all updated so be sure to follow me over there and on twitter! Hope you have all been doing really well and I’ll talk to you soon! xxx

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34 Responses

  1. Sorry about the audio error at 0:48! It would take hours to re-export and re-upload, so rather than do that I figured I'd just publish this version to get this video posted for you guys 🙂 Outfit details and more from me in the description box! (EDIT: Just found out about the Salsa's chips apparently containing dairy, and ALL OTHER FOOD IS VEGAN – no exceptions. There is even a vegan icon that pops up in the corner of the video if I don't specify verbally Lol) xxx

  2. Yami Latias says:

    Thank you for the swimming outfit! You look very good in it and it gives me inspiration to go out like that too! (without feeling too embarrassed)

  3. KIIOUM says:

    Sofie I love your vlogs but could you please indicate it in the title ? Feels a bit misleading 🙁

  4. I am Ellie says:

    My goodness hasnt changed much! i went when i was 14 (im 18 now from the uk) and i remember going to that ice cream shop and going to some of the resturants you showed while walking along

  5. I loved your Star Wars t-shirt

  6. lomiopamii says:

    I'm really shocked with this: it appears snow in the Australian Christmas decoration ( 5:23 ) I don't really understand hahah

  7. Emma Bell says:

    I died when I saw that you uploaded! I live for your vlogs Soph 😍😍😍 and your voice is SOO relaxing to me 😄😄😄 xxxx

  8. chay says:

    Would you ever consider making a Lana Del Rey inspired lookbook ? You really kinda look like her ! ♡ love your videos ♡

  9. Nerdy_3000 says:

    Where can I find a bathing suit like yours? I've been searching every where to find something similar since I'm not confident showing off my body.

  10. There is loving hut everywhere! I live in Dallas, Texas and we have two!

  11. Kkbbnay says:

    Be sure to take Vitamin D supplements when you're covering up in the sun a lot! Vit D deficiency can make you feel like poop

  12. Since you are/were a SHINee fan I think that I just should let you know that Jonghyun (shinee member and solo artist) unfortunately passed away yesterday 18th of december.
    He was found in his apartment.
    rip 😢

  13. Kayden Wyatt says:

    dude where did you get your stormtrooper shirt? it wasnt in the description 🙁

  14. sofie your star wars shirt is so cute!! where is it from?

  15. isabella l says:

    gorgeous as always, the first outfit was so bomb! i have the same feeling with hanging things, they make me so anxious, maybe it is because i'm scared of heights or something else, who knows, haha. all the love, xoxo:)

  16. Yen Hoang says:

    Its summer in Aussie isnt it? Why everybody wearing winter clothes at the beginning?

  17. I love the girlish her dressing. So Sofie ❤️

  18. Vegan this vegan that… we get it, you’re vegan geez…

  19. Eu realmente amo muito seus vídeos. É muito relaxante assistir 😍😍❤❤

  20. Luna 13 says:

    Omgg your HAIR! when it dried it looked AMAZING you kinda look like a mermaid!!! ❤️❤️🤤you should wear it like that more often!

  21. lizzie says:

    i literally never watch vlogs but i adoooore yours, plus your style is to die for.

  22. Ned Robinson says:

    Are you still vegan because you ate that sweet spicy chicken ? ❤️

  23. The Lonny says:

    Your voice is giving me ASMR vibes 😍

  24. So you are afraid of getting skin cancer so you cover your upper body, but Why dont you cover your legs? Just curious

  25. sharon says:

    What is the name of the song @ 9:22 ? 🙂

  26. Pixinerd says:

    I guess I don't wear bikinis or swimsuits on the beach bc of extreme insecurities aha so I wear a shirt and shorts

  27. skittykay says:

    I totally get that feeling of being freaked out by those hanging things!? I'm also not afraid of heights but being close to a high ceiling or big hanging decorations that make me aware of the scale of the room make me uncomfortable and I get that adrenaline rush.

  28. claudia says:

    Thank you so much for this video 💖
    I cried all day today because of Jonghyun, I really needed something to distract myself with 💕

  29. maiya sal says:

    How do you deal with your hair when its really warm? Is putting it up enough, asking because it is so long lol

  30. maiya sal says:

    I love your nail colour ! I often use this colour also, I would wear black polish instead but the majority of my clothes are black. I just feel so put together lol.

  31. pink uniq says:

    I got your fred perry clothing today! I love it so much

  32. Cschuyler17 says:

    ahh your videos are so amazing !! also you’re soooo beautiful ! 🙂

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