São Paulo Fashion Week, Summer 2010: The Bikini

For this season’s video documenting São Paulo Fashion Week’s summer shows, we narrow our sights on the the bikini. With help from a few fashion types—editors, models, designers and others—we take a look at the most quintessentially Brazilian wardrobe staple.

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45 Responses

  1. What a great video! 🙂 Keep up the good work 😉 Hugs xoxox

  2. fajne laseczki szkoda że nie ma takich w mojej okolicy

  3. midoo mido says:


  4. Mr. Mckee says:

    Every women has big ass. 1:27

  5. Mr. Mckee says:

    1:27 she says the most sexiest thing i ever heard in the most sexiest way ever!!!!

  6. Armando B. says:

    I don't think that all Brazilian women are hotter though than from other countries. That's a myth I think

  7. Every American man ,once in his life , before he dies should go to Rio and screw his head off, with a condom of course, its a must for your bucket list. The women are very very HOT

  8. The Brazilian women are the best in this hemisphere.

  9. When I went to Rio I had sex with girls like this, the sex was sensational but I prefer bigger butt

  10. @GooeyBastard The big ass Brazilian women are the BEST

  11. Hey You says:

    @lcolby11 That's why they're beautifull.

  12. If parts of your body need enhancing, you shouldn't be wearing a bikini.

  13. Very nice video. Very stylish swimwear! Love how the models work the bikinis.

  14. Dominique A says:

    Fucking anorexic, Stupid designer…

  15. aznsushi41 says:

    thumbs up if the grandma made ur boner soft

  16. ThaGenius101 says:

    Nothing attractive about skin and bones.

  17. Sharon Chai says:

    I wish i had a flawless ass like those models… not a stretch mark – that must be so nice!

  18. Rody Salinas says:

    can u tellem .. what´s the name of the song in this video please!

  19. Anita5934 says:

    Muy bonito, las chicas son sensuales sensuales y hermosas.

  20. keto6789 says:

    i'd lick all those asses!

  21. come on guys…the boobs is only for baby feeding purpose…

  22. Craig says:

    3:06, holy cameltoe!

  23. tyrese!?! thts weird! mypinkgrasshopper will soon predict this summer's swimsuit trends!

  24. wilsonbnyc says:

    @ 3:12 WTF?! I didn't know Tyrese Gibson was doing bikini catwalk. LOL…

  25. Rosane G. says:

    acho que elas não estão nem aí pra você !.
    elas tem o corpo perfeito sem precisar de tanto tempo de academia ok ?

  26. thekosh10 says:

    3:14 its gonna be the highlight of that kids life.

  27. @Hoihohl If you look at the other eye, you'll see that it doesn't move and is tinted strangely. I think that eye is a glass eye and the one that moves is her real eye.

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  29. grunerfilm says:

    Fantastic buttocks…So gracefully done and dynamic!!! Grunerfilm

  30. @laskolasko Who are yo trying to kid? If asked, you wouldn't think twice about laying one of these fine specimens!

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  33. guys, please what is the models name at 1:28?

  34. I don't find it too skinny to be honest : $

  35. how delusional is the Brazilian woman that said she prefers the American and Euro Swimming suit cut… she must have a terrible body lol

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