Hijacking a bikini model photo shoot

Welcome to Day 14 of my Daily Vlogs! Another sensational day in Cape Town, South Africa, exploring the West Coast National Park with Friends! Bumping into a snake, an ostrich and interrupting a bikini shoot…

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19 Responses

  1. Markish86 says:

    Mate that was def a Puff adder need to stay away from those guys. Highly venomous, their bites can cause gangrene and edema among other things.

  2. Mr George benson are coming to Somalia for holiday or to vlog

  3. Harry Wilcox says:

    Is this the blue lagoon?

  4. Ethan U says:

    Yeah isn't it weird? sometimes i subconsciously put my hand behind my head too

  5. You're a nutter for getting that close to a puffy! I bite from one of those is hell.

  6. Pól O'Hare says:

    i thought south africa was one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

  7. CRB Premier says:

    Bit of Oasis there 6:03, nice vlog again mate keep it up! 😉

  8. It's Hex says:

    Quality ostrich neck joke mate, 9/10 would tell again.

  9. Abdullah Ali says:

    +George Benson Are you coming with Ben to Joburg?????????????????????????????

  10. Hey George! Your vlogs have come on a long way in he last few weeks. Editing is sick 😀 keep up the entertainment!!

  11. BigfudgeTV says:

    Yes, it was a puffadder! no doubt about it

  12. Peter Kirk says:

    Another great Vlog George!

  13. Aaron T says:

    when are you going back home

  14. I came here from hurder of buffalo and these are some of the best vlogs I've seen and these time lapses are sick 👍🏽

  15. Rous says:

    I can't believe you got that close to the adder! You know they can strike out, bite you and then return to their starting position all in something like 0.2 seconds? Your brain has a roughly a 0.2 second delay in reacting to what your eye sees, meaning you'll probably feel the bite before you've noticed that the snake has struck

  16. Baaqirk says:

    Hi are you not doing a meet up in cape town?

  17. R 26 says:

    Love ur time lapses but sometimes i think they go to fast. Not hating just saying! Love ur vlogs

  18. Hey GEORGE! My dog is in a contest, could you do me a solid and vote for her entry? 🙂 http://woobox.com/ab5zza/vote/for/11364675

  19. Aiden Clancy says:

    Your vlogs just keep getting better and better! keep up the good work man!

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