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30 Responses

  1. waddietwo says:

    I'd give her a shot in the mouth with my 9" + full load!

  2. Chris Parker says:

    Keep that muzzle elevated and pointed downrange, you! Yes, I did note the safety violation….despite the distraction. haha

  3. Meth and camel toe! That good ole midwest combo!

  4. انا عاوز ادخل الجيش الامريكي

  5. skyym3 says:

    She looks a little out of it, but I did not actually see her muzzle the camera man or anyone else. She clearly kept the muzzle pointed upwards as she turned around. Other than that, I would actually be a little more worried she didn't pass out and shoot herself or anyone else. Cheers

  6. Daver Son says:

    Another woman in a bikini firing a gun. I have witnessed the American dream and I am thrilled.

  7. chaos lord says:


  8. The 'melting pot' is genocide by coerced assimilation.

  9. Rey Guzman says:

    im sure she missed she was all over the place

  10. after that accuracy shots just do your duty in 4.

  11. Ira Gershwin says:

    So many accurate, sexist comments to make here.

  12. winds says:

    Back to the wierd side of yt.. ._.

  13. Mad Veteran says:

    That kicks? You should try sucking my dick.

  14. 18661873 says:

    If she is going to sweep the range then give her a broom.

  15. riiiiiight,you came to see the "gun" no no,i get it,you've totaly convinced me, no no you're sooooo right, i definatly believe you, you for sure came to see the "gun" heh,well,i know I  did,but i doubt many others did…..

  16. Niamh Baszyl says:

    she aint got no upper body strength.scary

  17. Dumbass… It's quite apparent she doesn't know a lick about shooting weapons. Bitches like her make up the number of gun-related accidents. 

  18. James Thomas says:

    Nothing better than a hot girl with an AK

  19. S Biggs says:

    That doesn't look like pastrami on rye to me.

  20. Robert Kirby says:

    I'd love to show her the recoil of my cock.

  21. Moto-B says:

    I'd eat that 'onion’ slut!!

  22. chrisn365 says:

    Go fold some laundry

  23. Alfa Won says:

    I don't like her turning around and pointing the muzzle at me without clearing the weapon !! 

  24. I ejaculated before that clip ran out

  25. TheFkntool says:

    Why isn't she naked? 

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