Apartment Gym Workout || Bikini Lounging & Shopping Haul

➢Jazmine Garcia: youtube.com/jazminegarciafitness
IG: @jazzypooo
➢ RAVISHSANDS BIKINIS: ravishsands.com
➢ Bite Meals! “NikkiB” Discount Code – bitemeals.com
➢ Song Featured: Lui Dodds – Demons

➢ My website: nikkiblackketter.com
➢ Shop Gymshark Women here: gymshark.com
➢ MVMTwatches.com – “NikkiB” 10% discount code off your watches
➢ Umoro Shakers – umoro.com

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43 Responses

  1. that last shirt, just put on some white socks and underwear and tom cruise that shit

  2. My neighbor totoro….. lol

  3. More workouts like these!!!!

  4. John Milner says:

    Love those bikinis.

  5. Marilu Tony says:

    Song: Demons by Lui Peng…?

  6. Get a new camera person pleaseeeee

  7. damn them pancakes look on point

  8. 4blackwolf4 says:

    love your necklace!

  9. John's Life says:

    its been so long since i've watched. now im binge watching these to catch up.

  10. This is super random but do you know where Jazmine got her bedding? I've been looking around for something like it!

  11. TYLER Durden says:

    Gorgeous you are <3 <3 <3

  12. Sasha says:

    Where can I get this song? I've been trying to find it on Spotify? Help

  13. Wim Eradus says:

    even the woman at the back of the pool was miring ur aesthetics

  14. At 4:28 guy in white shirt makes the bang bang

  15. Amanda Nagy says:

    I loved these workouts, Nikki! It's been great for me to do at home – I would love for you to show more. You are such good inspiration!

  16. Meditation G says:

    A friend recommended this chick's channel to me. So…. who exactly is she?I'm not gonna lie she is beautiful, but looks kinda young.Her personality reminds me of a girl I let get away, funny shit!

  17. Sandy S says:

    Haven't been on Youtube for about a week, what happened LOL. Did they break up again?

  18. ChannelOlive says:

    4:18 the couple in the back!!

  19. Does anyone know what program she use to edit her videos????

  20. you are incredible beautiful nikki . i wish you the best

  21. Purple says:

    Love the gym outfit, the blue and black is super cute! and you are gorgeous Nikki!

  22. Rufio stealy says:

    MY NEIGHBOR TO-TO-RO. Not tu-torio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  23. I haven't found garden salsa chips in a while, hope they didn't discontinue 🙁

  24. The guy behind Nikki at the drug store butt pumping mama when looking at the candy corn….OMG.

  25. wushu5897 says:

    Where is your choker from?

  26. Giovanni. says:

    Tooooopppp Couple!

  27. absolutely gorgeous; making houston look like a place to be!

  28. Omg, gotta get me a box of them pancakes!!

  29. Does anyone know the brand of eyeglasses Jazmine has on?

  30. The Beast says:

    Give her that she got a gorgeous ass

  31. pony25 says:

    Where is your necklace from? When you're shopping! Does anyone know?

  32. Eli Whitney says:

    Bathing suit was a nice surprise!

  33. Johnny Koch says:

    Do a powerlifting meet..

  34. Andreas says:

    NOw I know why she and CG broke up! She fucked with totoro *Captain flys away

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