BBG Workout Week 1 Day 1

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Playlist 1. Week:
Music: Weitless – sonar planet, Omen Of Devil, Blade Runner, Cheyennes Dreams, Its A Fine Day – Opus
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Here is a link to the long awaited video about my diet!!! Check it out!

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47 Responses

  1. Lil hood E says:

    I was watching lil uzi than I got here what is bbg

  2. This cannot be for begginers!!

  3. Does anyone have any idea how many calories this burns? Just curios

  4. Monsee Reyes says:

    16:29 y casi muero, lo volveré a intentar

  5. pameeXDXD says:

    lo complete pero tarde horas y no se como voy a poder hacerlo mañana. 🙁

  6. Can skinny girls do this workout? I'm 88 pounds but I just want to have flat stomach. I have small belly is this works?

  7. Kelly M says:

    I've never been so happy to see a 30 second ad pop up in the middle of a video 😓

  8. Is it only 3 days a week?

  9. Shei La says:

    I did 2 days workout already for my week 1 and I looked thru her playlist, I got confused because she only does 3 workout per week. I thought u r suppose to perform, resistance training & cardio alternately plus stretching for 1 day and 1 day rest, that means u train everyday except 1 day rest.

  10. in the book said 7 min. 4 exercise for a total of 28 min two circuits

  11. fiz says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video! I know it's been two years, but still OMG! I have the book and I didn't really understand her explanation on the workouts. Watching you and doing it at the same time really helped! I actually completed the video and I WANT TO DIEEE. But in the end, it feels really accomplishing so thank you!

  12. Not even five fucking minutes in, and I was brought to tears because I feel like I can't do it, not that it's too hard but because I know it gets harder. But I won't even SIT until I finish this workout.

  13. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have wanted to start this program so much, but…1) couldn't afford it 2) had heard negative reviews on the app usage and customer service. I've been so depressed about how I look that I can hardly stand it! I will do this!

  14. I lasted only 8 minutes, 😅😅 its hard.

  15. Kei Nere says:

    I just started this challenge, since you started so far it seems like you've lost a lot of weight! Could you tell me how much weight you lost? thank you very much,thank you very much!!

  16. Did you do the pre training

  17. Madam Xaela says:

    Kayla makes it look so easy

  18. sana alvi says:

    thanks a bunch dear to share this with us…bless you…

  19. i lasted 23 min 😭👍

  20. I died after the first round! Maybe by week three i'll reach the second round

  21. This was SO hard to do but thank you for posting it because otherwise I would have never ended it. Saludos de Argentina!🤗

  22. she is smoking hot…I am in love, those thighs are so sexy

  23. nathB B says:

    Dur mais efficace 👍👍👍

  24. non ho mai sudato così tanto 😩😩

  25. N O O R says:

    Im done, in my way but im done jjajajja….27days more…😥

  26. PP G says:

    I did the whole thing. I've been sore for 4 days now

  27. OMG! Very hard but done !

  28. Mirna Tamer says:

    First of all thank you so much ❤️ I have a question please do I do this workout everyday ??

  29. Me and my sister are starting today !! I will let you know my results in the last video… wish us luck !!!

  30. Pankecite says:

    I have a question, are there only 3 videos per week or you start with day one again when you finish day three?

  31. Renu Tiwari says:

    my first day, i stopped many times , but fu**ing finished it , so tired, i feel like i m dieing 🙁

  32. Made it a whole 10 mins 😓 whew.

  33. kem chu says:

    All the bbg exercises are in this series right?

  34. Tania Pumnut says:

    ive had the bbg for ages but im a person who needs a workout buddy… not to chat but to motivate me and with my friends yeah right thats never gonna happen lol.. so thanks for posting you are now my workout buddy haha 👍

  35. Renu Tiwari says:

    Thank you very much for uploading it, i always wanted to buy it , but too expensive for me .. thank you .

  36. Some Kid says:

    i'm going to do this bbg workout plan and try to eat healthy. when i finish the plan, i'm going to come back to this video and tell you guys the result. wish me luck!

  37. My knees are hurting watching that pronated squat and lunge pattern.

  38. thank you so much for all workout

  39. This is the dumbest thing ever

  40. I do not work out, but I believe that the medicine ball squats /11min/ you are doing wrong. The point of squat is to have straight back or at least how it is described between 45 to 90degrees of your hips.

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