Bikini Body Workout | Rebecca Louise

This video is about how to get a bikini body! This total body workout will help you lose weight and burn fat in the abs, arms, butt, and legs. Subscribe! – Your 30 Day Plan –

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25 Responses

  1. Yep, I can feel the burn after that one!

  2. Besides from surgery, there's no magical way to get a fit, bikini body. But it's not so hard if you follow the right plan. Try visiting Sethlins  Body Guide if you can, you've probably heard the concepts before, but give it a chance!

  3. Janice Ch'ng says:

    Can I do this everyday?

  4. Sandra Evan says:

    Hi Rebecca – I love your videos! Where did you get your bikini top and bottom from?

  5. CIELO says:

    Alfie always leaves 😂

  6. L King says:

    I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks, how often should I do this to see big results, once a day?

  7. can you do a "rebecca body" plese
    i love your body

  8. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca can you make more bikni body workouts please?

  9. I have watched all your videos Rebecca I have followed almost all and they are helping me reach my goal. So thank you. :-)))

  10. Jeon Carey says:

    I love this workout. it really works!!!!

  11. Does this then eats burger

  12. Tia Sawyer says:

    You are amazing! This is helping me reach my goal thank you so much! love this channel xxx

  13. afsana islam says:

    hi @Rebecca .i need to help 😔day by day i'm going fat & so much waight & my age is 21 .plz give me some tips or suggeation for waight lose & get slim. plz dont forget to reply my ans.i will so much greatfull.thnx

  14. Could you please do a video on how to get rid of back fat

  15. LiLByA22 says:

    hey Rebecca love ure videos!! could you please do a warm up video?!?
    thx xoxo

  16. This one rocks Rebecca. Thanks for sharing it.

  17. Anyone have any idea on how many calories these workouts burn?

  18. Diana Landis says:

    does bikini body has special workouts?

  19. Linnea W says:

    Am I the only one who can't sit on my tailbone like that? ^^ It's impossible for me. It hurts and I just can't do it without leaning a little bit to the side. I guess my tailbone sticks out too much or something.

  20. Alicja M says:

    #ifeeltheburnrebecca Another amazing video! <3 I really love your workouts with weights and I definitely feel the burn 🙂

  21. Lara Nes says:

    I try all these videos but i can Not Be thinner

  22. Can't wait to do this tommmoorrooow🙀😍

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