Fashion Week Plus Size 2017 / Ladies Fashion Hot Plus Size Bikini south africa- Fashion Show .

Fashion Week Plus Size 2017 / Ladies Fashion – Hot Plus Size Bikini south africa- Fashion Show .



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Fashion Week Plus Size is the first fashion show for Laurel in South Africa. A bold, modern fashion featuring silhouettes that we do not see at the Pretoria Fashion Week! Video Director: Pics’l Memories – Music Credits: Messi Elliott where they feat from William Farrell
Eany Kotor is a global brand. The designer offers stylish and elegant lingerie. She passed through her sets in New York, and this year she will be reviewing in Paris. Sakina began to create ball gowns and customized sewing pieces in 2500, the beginning of his dreams. In 2015 I was surprised when I realized that there was no underwear for large sizes, at that time she added to her collection and decided to answer exclusively to women’s tour demands. Iany Kotor has appeared on various occasions in South Africa. Over the past two years, including a full form plus week .

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14 Responses

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  2. it,sliketheymodelingbootyinsteadofbathingsuits

  3. isthisafashionshoworbuttshakingshow

  4. The Ladies Are Very Nice Why Do We Need The Dude

  5. Rescue162 says:

    The girls look wonderful, but I dont like the lighting or camera tricks.

  6. And this is why. America does not what plus model fashion to be the main stream!! We have a bottom!! and a lot of them all so have it now thinks to surgery…

  7. AZBO ZAOB says:

    Beautiful Ladies, but the in the white dress is gorgeous herself

  8. Wow the 1st girl😮😮😮😍

  9. Troy Fowler says:

    wow nice thats whats up im loving this guys keep it up beautiful i love plus size models yes finally sexy plus size models yes

  10. Kharis Jones says:

    Wow… twerking! It's enough videos on the tube. Don't turn into one of them…WTF

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