Nina Agdal Wears A Chain Bikini In This Steamy Photoshoot | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Dutch model Nina Agdal returns to SI Swimsuit for 2017, wearing only a chain bikini and other colorful swimsuits.
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Nina Agdal Wears A Chain Bikini In This Steamy Photoshoot | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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47 Responses

  1. anominon says:

    Nice video. Shame about the song.

  2. Rex1987 says:

    i just found out that she is Danish – now that makes me proud of my home country 😀

  3. The model is a sweet dream, the song a nightmare!

  4. She is Danish, not Dutch :^)

  5. How could someone possibly down-vote this? That person must be a sociopath.

  6. lightsoul007 says:

    Came for the hot chick….
    left because of the music.

  7. I have never heard of her but she is way cuter than Kate Upton.

  8. Интересно что за трэк играет?


  10. perseus zeus says:

    i definitely will flying fck this model

  11. Yoyi Meldo says:

    leonardo dicaprios girl

  12. neamraven says:

    Why do you give her all these awesome thong bikinis to wear and then do your damnedest to show as little of her ass as possible? I understand 'less is more' and there's a case to be made for erotica benefiting from subtlety and mystery, but really guys…you are simply not showing enough here. Go back to the Hannah Ferguson videos you did for 2016 and study them carefully, for they should be the blueprint for how you do PG13 tropical island erotica WELL. Also, Nina and Hannah are definitely the best you've got, so make their videos longer?

  13. wow. very good! i love angle

  14. Leonardo DiCaprio, what a lucky man


  16. DimmmIsBack says:

    Id sniff a fart out that butthole

  17. Lewis Smith says:

    Thats very impractical. I dont think you could set a Olympic lap in it

  18. johnny smith says:

    Great video. But too short. Nina is the best in si swimsuit

  19. Josh Speed says:

    Boobs on YouTube!? The end is nigh!

  20. Nepson says:

    so far 51 angry OTT feminists hav disliked this video

  21. Frautic says:

    I thought nipples weren't allowed on YouTube???

  22. WOW this photoshop is Amazing

  23. Chief Nosa says:

    I actually love the music, anybody know the title?

  24. Everything about her is average in my opinion.

  25. We all know what you came for

  26. Dean says:

    Leonardo you lucky bastard

  27. death mam says:

    If only this video had good music in the background

  28. Great video, horrible "music".

  29. H Ca says:

    Well…I'm subscribing.

  30. Mike Makas says:


  31. zac uk says:

    to all pervert!!!!!! big up !!big up

  32. i don't get the attraction??
    I mean this is just a everyday girl, you'd see walking around everywhere in the city..
    she's good looking sure,but i guess the apeal with be that she's that everyday girl you date and hangout with.. guess this will motivate the regular girl

  33. dimi1326 says:

    5 gays didnt like that…..

  34. I'm drooling such a barbie

  35. beautiful Divine ✝🍷🌷💯💯💯

  36. Gucci Down says:


  37. Best model you have lads. 2nd Cover needed

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