Bikini Shoot

Another day in the life of me along with my faithful sidekick Amanda Abbott from Hotgirlshotthings. We are modeling here to get new promo photos. Coming soon to my instagram!! @siennaspalding. Yeah i know we are super silly, hopefully you can appreciate that! Come back every week for new videos! xoxox


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30 Responses

  1. I'm surprised the camera man didn't crack a fat, sorry for being crude.

  2. "Splinters in my butt splinters in my butt  hahahaha . .. .that red hair  :3

  3. Laurel Bae says:

    Amanda would be a really good model so would you Sienna

  4. MsCerise007 says:

    Get It Girls!!! Flaunt Those Bodies!!!

  5. Cantetinza17 says:

    Ooo will you do a tutorial on how to angle your body when you are taking selfies for your man or facebook etc. How to make your body look more slender in certain poses? My hubby is a sailor so I always send him a CD of pics and sometimes I take like 45 just to get 1 decent shot.

  6. ig0bananas says:

    your body is killer!!!

  7. You need to have Amanda on all the time

  8. Rowan Medina says:

    Hang out with or bang with

  9. Chad Jahnke says:

    You girls look like you'd be fun to hang out with

  10. I like how with guys its like dude I was awesome and his friend is like dude you were shit but with girls its the other way around

  11. MsRussianKat says:

    Love you girls, xo.

  12. it is a red longwear liquid lipstick by Stila in "Fiery"

  13. Sienna whats on your lips?

  14. MustBeMusa says:

    Thats awesome that you guys are such great friends!

  15. aww i appreciate your compliments!! thank you so much! xoxoox

  16. Heart XOXO says:

    dam woman you are ripped…..!!!…. i really like your personality…..your beautiful and you have a good personality that is rare:)

  17. yeah girl hit it hard! glad I can be an inspiration! 🙂

  18. thanks! so glad u appreciate our goofiness!

  19. aww thanks! maybe I'll work on a "day in the life" food and workout xooxoxo

  20. lol thanks! i'll have to try a vlog soon

  21. omg thank you!! i'm so glad I can help be a motivator!

  22. OmgIcing says:

    You are my motivation to get back in shape your body is banging

  23. angelm3008 says:

    Y'all crack me up! Do some "day on the life" vlogs

  24. estaah97 says:

    what do you work as?

  25. Love your vids!!! Yall have such dope bodies!! Love yalls personalities

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