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36 Responses

  1. josh Palosi says:

    fuck man this girl is hot

  2. LovesTheGash says:

    I want to violate her so bad

  3. Guy Cruls says:

    why raise one's bum with only one leg? make it more intensive? it's a waste of time to show doing the other leg – it's enough to say that you do the same with the other leg! ditto for other exercises. and each exercise is done for so long! most beginners cannot sustain this! still, thank you for your quite original exercises.

  4. kuinator28 says:

    I love this girl she is so hot!😍

  5. Cole Heketoa says:

    u got the best abs in the business….very inspiring honestly

  6. Saira Garcia says:

    wish I had your abs 😱

  7. Thank you Zuzka! I saw a difference this morning with this workout – I am stronger. Sit ups were easy and I made sure to punch hard. I was able to stay in plank with great form for 30 seconds. the last 20 seconds were rough. That first exercise was hard, i almost kept up with you. I feel a tiny bit slimmer today. Have a fabulous day! See you tomorrow!

  8. the best workout Zuzaka the best

  9. 111gagafan says:

    I'm starting this one tomorrow .

  10. Super! Muzes mi prosim napsat, jaky pouzivas mikrofon pri nataceni? Mas externi? Dekuji moc!!!

  11. Kiaya Bass says:

    i just did four of these 5 min routines as a mini HIIT for today and it beasted me! great work on these theyre fab!

  12. TheBobbiK says:

    You can always take these 5 minute workouts and do more rounds of them.  Turn them in to 12-15 minute workouts for more intensity.

  13. Grineb Bundy says:

    My right hand got an incredible workout….I trained till total muscle failure. Then I did drop sets until I blacked out. Can't wait to train again!

  14. David Aames says:

    you look photoshoped 😀

  15. Don Dappa says:

    she's so damn sexy gorgeous beautiful. I followed and modified her work out for a year and became super fit.

    a year later I tore my hamstring and couldn't train for six months. back into training now and I getting better with her again.

    in my opinion she's the best PT on you tube.

  16. Alanna Civil says:

    So many things to take away from every single one of these videos.

  17. I did it on april 28 nut send a text on the 29

  18. I did it all I am tired

  19. Do you still show modifications?

  20. cheryl trees says:

    oh..totally ripped! 🙂

  21. neben says:

    you are a fine example of. someone who gets better with age. you are my inspiration Zuzana.

  22. mel mar says:

    I can watch this the whole day

  23. Amza Qamran says:

    its ur nice video. thighs .leg looks nice.

  24. sweet I love you and the work out

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