BIKINI & FASHION HAUL! | Zaful 3rd Anniversary

Zaful is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of 2014 founding of Zaful. To thank their guests for their support, Zaful is launching a series of promotion activities of 3rd Anniversary.
Zaful 3rd Anniversary Promotion would hold from June 8th to June 21st. Hope you also could be participated in!!!
Zaful Website:
Cropped Ribbed Tank Top:
Casual Sports Cropped Sweatshirt:
High Waisted Graphic Bikini Set:
Hooded Cropped Top With Drawstring Leggings:
Cami Abstract String Bikini Set:
Front Pockets Suede Skirt:
Metallic Round Sunglasses:
Metallic Round Sunglasses:
Underwired Plunge Bathing Suit:
Mini Punk Lace Up Skirt:
Lace Up Bandeau Bikini:
High Neck Cropped Ribbed Top:
Lace Up High Cut Swimwear:
Spaghetti Straps Soft Pad Thong Bikini Set:
Lace Up Plunging Neck Swimsuit:
Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit:

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Casee Brimblecombe
PO Box 53

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All opinions are my own. This video is sponsored by ZAFUL.COM. I don’t own this music. No copyright intended.

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30 Responses

  1. Big Loader says:

    I would jerk off on your ass cheeks.

  2. U should definitely let the camera watch Yr bottom completely
    I mean both of the chicks should be perfectly on camera
    and Yr boobs….
    I really like U 2show me Yr bubbles

  3. David Hughes says:

    love you in a bikini … you have a beautiful hot body and you are very beautiful

  4. jacklongto says:

    You are going too fast. Not giving us the opportunity to fully admire your amazing body. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm genuinely so sorry for all the harassing comments you cop. Pisses me of so much. To all the guys who are talk about how you want to fuck her and had a fap to the vid, ik you think you're funny but it's actually really really sad to read, and really shows how long it's been since you've been laid. Let alone lost your virginity. And if you want to have any pride or ego, commenting these things is just ruining your chances by the millisecond

    Loved the video xx

  6. I WISH my boobs looked like that! I'm a 32D/DD and they're like flat/saggy. I can't wear any one pieces cause they offer zero support! 😭Can't wait til I have money to get a breast lift! Oh and I don't have any kids, I'm only 26! 😭

  7. Jenny H says:

    thanks for showing a well endowed girl can confidently go braless. you look great and thanks for showing.

  8. arielwodo says:

    What bra size do you wear? Wondering to determine what size to get in the zaful bikinis💕

  9. Walter Shade says:

    I've had enough of this teasing. We need to have sex soon! I want your mom to be there too!! #brimbee

  10. j popiuoyers says:

    youre too close to the camera to see the full suit, you don't need to just show your chest

  11. Carla Payne says:

    Ahhh these are so gorgeous! I have E sized boobs, do you think any of the sizes will fit me? Only thing I don't like is that I'm a 10/12 on the bottom so things seem to be too big down there if I have to buy it as a set. Your body is goals, ignore the filthy idiots below! X

  12. CousinTito says:

    Beautiful and I love that you show as much as you wish, don't listen to the lady prudes and the vulgar dudes alike. I hope you reach 100K subs! Oh and how about a couple more Australian east American Candy videos, your last one is probably my favorite so far 🙂

  13. You are beautiful and what a beautiful body

  14. I am waiting for all the new videos and you are very nice❤️👍🏽🌹😘😘😘😘

  15. 48mavemiss2 says:

    You might need the silicone nipple covers with some of the tops. Everything was lovely tho as usual. Body goals for real! 💖

  16. Usfoods72 says:

    You're TOO sexy Casee 🙂 Kisses from France.. Fab.

  17. love the white crop top as usual you videos and that accent are to die for

  18. John F says:

    Love to spunk inside you

  19. yo yo says:

    show your feet

  20. yeknod99 says:

    Yellow bikini…..  GRRRRR!!!!  Did I ever tell you "I love you"? LOL

  21. Carlos Perez says:

    í wish you are not taken baby í wish you be mani

  22. Beautiful as always! Great haul.

  23. Shae Moon says:

    Yasss girl, slay 💕💕😍💁🏼💁🏼

  24. Lovely haul. Thanks love.

  25. Zoe Field says:

    I think with Zaful I'd prefer if you could mix and match the sizes !! I need a medium / small for top half and a large/ medium for my big butt . But sometimes the mediums don't fit to well 🙁

  26. Is there nothing that you don't look good in?

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