Posing for IFBB Bikini Fitness Competition

Posing for IFBB Bikini Division, IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete, practicing for Fitness Competition, Bikini Fitness
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IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete

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23 Responses

  1. Max Brandt says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Simona, you are stunning as ever! 

  2. nitoy99ca says:

    so the highest bidder wins?

  3. how old are you ? are young enough date with a 19 years old boy  

  4. Robot Lover says:

    Simona you look so fuckin' hot in a bikini and heels. I'm buzzing after watching this sexy vid

  5. brentz3 says:

    You're the undisputed Champion in my book!

  6. vince065us says:

    Good morning:You look wonderful! I hope you're well.Blessings to you!

  7. epiphaknee says:

    Good Luck in the IFBB Bikini Fitness Competition! That looks like a lot of fun! I like the "two camera shot" with the "live" Simona and the "mirrored" Simona!!

  8. Best of luck, Fitness Girl! Like Like Like 😉

  9. Outstanding, what a body. Sexy, sexy. I'm naming you the winner!!!!!

  10. Moore Babie says:

    Wow, Good Luck. So many of those competitions are political. No matter how it turns out you are a winner in your crowd.

  11. THELIBERAL says:

    Wow!!! You look great.

  12. If that were the competition. she would have already won.

  13. wetsuit5 says:

    OK Now I know what you've been up to. Best wishes on success.

  14. Wow…Just Sublime.

  15. Simona, you look amazing! I hope you win…!

  16. evan c says:

    does it matter?

  17. Oblomovs1 says:

    you are amazing baby, your body is the best and I love how you move that hot body; any male judging you will cram their pants; you are lovely

  18. Abe Ibby says:

    I would do her anytime!

  19. With all respect i kind of wounder if herbboobs are real

  20. Hello cool vid hope you win, just show boobs, you'll win

  21. A Goddess! Good luck Simona!

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