Christie Brinkley, 63, Is Back In Her Bikini With Her Daughters | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Sporst Illustrated Swimsuit legend Christie Brinkley is making her epic return to the swimsuit world with her daughters Alexa and Sailor.
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Christie Brinkley, 63, Is Back In Her Bikini With Her Daughters | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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46 Responses

  1. Am I the only one who thinks it's really creepy that they took a girl who is barely eighteen and posed her topless with her sister?

  2. Leana Jo says:

    I loved Christie when I was a kid. But to me, nowadays, she seems like she wants to keep holding on looking like a 20 year old. She never changes her hair style or color (well, it is a little bit more blonder). She seems to be a kind of narcissistic person to me. Just wants attention all the time. I prefer the "old" Christie. But I guess this happens after you have kids. It changes your personality in a bad way, for most women I ever knew.

  3. BAD B.O. says:

    the ultimate GILF…

  4. S C says:

    The mothers body is better than the daughters…

  5. Bobby Bobby says:

    ALexa looks like her dad, Billy Joel.

  6. Milf? That's the ultimate GILF! Dear lord almighty!

  7. I'm obsessed with Alexa's eyes!!!

  8. bgasman says:

    Christie Brinkley is gorgeous!

  9. MyAmysBad says:

    Alexa has grown into SUCH A BEAUTIFUL girl, WOW!!! I don't care much for her Mom's personality, but the mother is beautiful too. They're all pretty, but I'm shocked by Alexa's transformation. You are GORGEOUS girl.

  10. The older the berry the sweeter the juice

  11. Tess Goldman says:

    Christie Brinkley looks great for her age. Her daughter Sailor looks like her mom; Alexa looks like her father Billy Joel.
    Alexa had a nose job few years ago to remove that "bulb-nose" like her father. Sailor is the better looking one.

  12. Bryan Potter says:

    Christy brinkley looks good at 63 I like her and her daughter there sexy hot both got a hot booties

  13. Darren James says:

    What in the bloody hell ?! CHRISTY BRINKLEY 👑❤ IS *coughs 63 , Her eldest 31 Middle child 21 and Youngest 18; and still looks lile that!!! OMG , 🙈🙈🙈🙈👏👏🔥🔥👑👑 #MicDrop #WontCashThemOutside

  14. Christie doesn't age, I need those genetics

  15. Mrs. Greene says:

    At least she's honest about her Botox.

  16. cayn0r says:

    Where was this shot at? The location looks almost as good as the girls!

  17. Cby Young says:

    Sheer perfection………..

  18. MiGPU says:

    She must practice an natural smile >.<

  19. Sue Burgess says:

    Alexa Ray looks like her famous dad and Sailor looks like her mom. All three are gorgeous women. 63 and WOW!

  20. Susan Graham says:

    GIRL POWER will always triumph over hate

  21. danielgr86 says:

    I wonder how much money is in her face. Disgusting, maybe she needs some getting older dignity

  22. zekeboy24 says:

    Anyone else off to pornhub to watch some cheeky mother-step daughter stuff after this video?

  23. Feel bad for the dark haired daughter, she somehow missed out on Christie's part of the gene pool.

  24. David Kay says:

    That's one sexy grandma.

  25. Hey baby, how would you like the most depressing 7 seconds of your life??

  26. ana ruiz says:

    such a role model for all women!! forget science, maths , engineering ect.. looking good in a bikini should be priority number one, and if you add a real profession, brains and a business head as well as fertility and motherhood its all you need to be a good catch !! Renaissance women !

  27. D Frazier says:

    If Christie would hold my hand for five minutes, I would slap the president! Her beauty is maddening!!!!

  28. firepoint525 says:

    "The Talk" actually blurred Sailor's butt when they showed this! At least "Access Hollywood" showed it uncensored.

  29. crysty is forever young. Alexa!

  30. Onmysheet says:

    The brunette looks out of place. lol

  31. cuenta movil says:

    un trio aunque me folle a una vieja de 63 años pero la edad no tiene numero

  32. Rascal2006 says:

    Good looks run in the family

  33. That Billy Joel daughter doesn't look like her mom Christy at all…

  34. STEVE P says:

    they look absolutely beautiful.

  35. This is so f!!!ing creepy

  36. Lots a girls with 20 would wish they have the body of Christie Brinkley

  37. I just like to know if she had any work done.

  38. hksuper12345 says:

    still better than Ashley Graham
    At least dont put Ashley on the cover, it turn me off

  39. J T says:

    I love to see a family come together.

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