Hannah Ferguson Returns With One Of Her Hottest Shoots Yet | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Hannah Ferguson returns to SI Swimsuit with one of her hottest photoshoots yet!
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SI Intimates bring you the latest and sexiest swimsuit models in the most exotic locations around the world:

Take a look behind the scenes with SI Swimsuit Uncovered where we give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of our biggest shoots, with the most beautiful and sexy women:

SI Swimsuit is celebrating the season with some super sexy Summer of Swim content. Get close to some of the biggest and hottest models around, including Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Hannah Ferguson and more:

Stunning swimsuit models wearing nothing but paint? Our playful girls show you how body painting can make for some of the hottest swimwear:

In SI Swimsuit’s athletes’ shoots, you can see some of your favorite athletes like you never have before. Amazing videos featuring Ronda Rousey, Caroline Wozniacki, Lindsey Vonn, Alex Morgan and more:

Get an up close look at Kate Upton like you haven’t seen before. More than just one of the sexiest cover girls around, find out and see everything you need, from this iconic swimsuit model:

Check out all of the latest photo shoots, interviews and intimate looks at super model Gigi Hadid. She’s not only gorgeous, but she knows how to show off a bikini:

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Don’t miss a moment of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and get even more SI Swimsuit content with our Swim Daily and Summer of Swim series. Browse videos of top models and athletes in the latest sexy swimwear. Get a behind the scene look at our latest castings, bikini photo shoots, and exclusive interviews with all of your favorite girls. We have the latest hot swimsuit models, from Gigi Hadid and Nina Agdal, to Kate Upton and many more.

Hannah Ferguson Returns With One Of Her Hottest Shoots Yet | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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33 Responses

  1. 10/10 those tilts and ass are beautiful

  2. 10 plus size models want what they cant have..

  3. Maverick1 says:

    Very sexy and very beautyful. A real goddess!

  4. There are places I'll remember
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    Some forever not for better
    Some have gone and some remain
    All these places have their moments
    With lovers and friends I still can recall
    Some are dead and some are living
    In my life I've loved them all <3 xoxox

  5. Love is all around, no need to fake it.
    You can have the town, why don't you take it.
    You're gonna make it after all <3 xoxox

  6. The first thing I remember
    When you came into my life
    I said I'm gonna get that girl
    No matter what I do
    Well I guess I'd been in love before
    And once or twice I been on the floor
    But I never loved no one
    The way that I loved you
    And it was late in the evening
    And all the music seeping through <3 xox

  7. Kodachrome
    They give us those nice bright colors
    They give us the greens of summers
    Makes you think all the world's
    a sunny day
    I got a Nikon camera
    I love to take a photograph
    So mama don't take my Kodachrome away

  8. Ivan Hornak says:

    MUSIC: botherun – want

  9. please she deserves the cover !!!!!!!!! she looks so different then her first shoot she puts so much effort into it !

  10. Bilal Malik says:

    photographers are hella lucky

  11. cover model hopefully?

  12. J T says:

    I love your serious characteristics and your thighs are the hallmark of gold. Yum, yum…. 0:16

  13. 00:15 to be that fly on the … well, you know.

  14. Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now (Shake it up baby)
    Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now (Shake it up baby)

  15. Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)
    Here comes the sun, and I say
    It's all right

  16. Put her on the cover.

  17. BloodyHawk39 says:

    Did she get a nosejob!?

  18. Last night I said these words to my girl

    I know you never even try, girl

    C'mon (C'mon), c'mon (C'mon), c'mon (C'mon), c'mon (C'mon)

    Please please me, whoa yeah, like I please you

  19. TheKinaid says:

    "We always want we can't have." Right you are Mr. Music voice guy. nod

  20. Amazing girl! #2 in SI (after Rose Bertram).

  21. Quest Maker says:

    Cover girl of this year's edition!

  22. yail43 says:

    The best of all, hands down

  23. dianawapooh says:

    this girl really loves showing her boobs . love it keep em coming

  24. Slobbo Video says:

    Dafuq? What's goin on? Why is she soo skinny now?

  25. Bryan M says:

    This video is not nearly long enough! I could watch Hannah all day she is without a doubt my favorite VS Model!!

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