Bikini & Late Spring Fashion Haul | Try On | Zaful

Hey babies! Today I’m sharing a late spring fashion haul which includes a bunch of bikinis for the upcoming summer. The haul is try on style and everything is from the Zaful website. It was my first time trying out this site. I filmed this video quite a bit ago (almost 2 months ago) so some of the items are sold out now – sorry guys! It’s also a great view at my “before” body in a bikini. I’ve been cutting and training hard in preparation or my Vegas trip in a few weeks and honestly I didn’t even see any difference in myself – untilllll I edited this video yesterday and see a before comparison of how far I’ve come – it’s so cool! I hope you guys enjoy the haul! xoxo
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50 Responses

  1. NICE BODY i like it come over

  2. Your curves 😭😍 omg ur thick but in like the prettiest way girrrrlllllll 😭❤️🔥😩

  3. sos la mejor para vender ropa jinterior

  4. Cesar Diaz says:

    eres una mujer super hermosa y con una personalidad increíble mis mejores deceos para ti.
    soy un admirador de tu bellesa.

  5. dviewer247 says:

    just came to masturbate

  6. Matt Smagacz says:

    The pineapple one is my favorite

  7. damn u got a nice ass

  8. I have to go to the bathroom 🤗🤗 you so nice

  9. lola kerk says:

    u seem nice but your voice is kinda annoying 😀

  10. Salva Avlas says:

    You are beautiful with no makeup. Just stop doing that ugly makeup please

  11. Jeff Stryker says:

    Wow you look amazing.

  12. watashi no ai, you look pretty baby, me gusta tu cuerpo, estas hermosa gata.
    korera no utsukushi akanbo

  13. Bluesky Rain says:

    awsome bod from head to toe…

  14. Domanic Alex says:

    you have an amazing ass

  15. Hola mija estas bien Linda y mui buen cuerpo estas para chuparse los dedos Mija…

  16. sofia72001 says:

    best body you have ever had

  17. tahari samir says:

    yeah princess, you sweet like Honey

  18. Thomas Gomez says:

    she is so fucking hot

  19. Neve Flavin says:

    The British national anthem is God Saved Our Queen so it may be linked to that

  20. cool willy says:

    Lord 3:00 smh your a goddess, I hope your man appreciate a beautiful intelligent woman

  21. You have nice boobs

  22. Your body is gorgeous!!!!!! Ugh I wanna body like that😍

  23. kent baldry says:

    I realing think sexly hot woman I to see all the take off evething Iam 38 yearold nomans or moboys

  24. lupe556 says:

    That body is crazy my lord

  25. HumbolSkitso says:

    Jesus cross is dangling between the boob job lol i love the way women think

  26. Atasha Renne says:

    What are your measurements? size wise?

  27. nice cross, we throwing ourselves into a volcano later? you realize what happens to fish once they're caught?


  29. Kurtulus36 says:

    terrific butt , I want to your butt cuddle , kiss , lick

  30. TheGoodwolfe says:

    Ok, after reading other's comments, I get it, nobody's perfect…but Rocio is about as close to perfect as anyone can get! So beautiful and with such an awesome,amazing body, just like a goddess! You are also quite interesting & personable too!



  33. Smo Key says:

    Wow you look stunning in the black bikini very nice!

  34. your body is beatiful ; )

  35. kawsar ahmed says:

    hi sexyniceopen your doby

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