Asia’s Next Top Model 5 Ep 11: Bikini on Ice Photoshoot and Hanging Bridge Runway Challenge

On Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 11, the Top5 (or should I say Top 6) will have a difficult runway challenge and a “Bikini on Ice” photoshoot.

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31 Responses

  1. congratulations Maureen u win this episode. . and dont worry cindy there's a lot of projects for u your pretty inside and out and young.

  2. nice one again our Maureen… you nailed it again on the 3rd time…!!!

  3. I can't watch esp 11 huhuhu

  4. Qesha Hawt says:

    tonight result

    1) Maureen
    2) Clara
    3) Shikin
    4) Tu
    5) Xiao Qing

  5. sorry to say cindy and maureen will get eliminated and i know the source why just comment if u want to know its double elemination this week

  6. i feel sad for cinday mylabs 🙁

  7. Hillary Ha says:

    Top 3 is leaked 🙂 🙂 :-). There will be 2 WINNERS this cycle ?!?!?! That is what " EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED " is all about. Just my 2 cents opinion 🙂 🙂 :-).

  8. Love Tu. You are strong girl and i love it. At least, you don't wear fake face haha you just need to sexy, super sexy and try your best to become super model. i don't comment stupidly that you will be winner but you are the best in this competition with serious attitude with competion, try hard and work hard. ok Tu 5ting, YOU ARE STRONG GIRL NOT BAD GIRL. i like way which you accept challenge when Xiao Qing appears

  9. i want maureen to win but i feel like shikin will win?hehe not sure good luck girls!

  10. Ling RuQing says:

    I dislike shikin?? I use to like her but she seems to be progressingly arrogant as she soon reaches one of the top?? She acts like a bitch ,, correction she is a bitch, she should be more idk?? she hasn't won yet , yet she's acting like she's the best

  11. nel bautista says:

    cindy 😭😭😭😭

  12. i feel like Maureen and Cindy are bottom 2

  13. มาแล้ว มันอวยกันเองอีกแล้วท่านนนน

  14. Maureen will be eliminated this episode

  15. i have some spoil… maureen is the winner of asntm its because tu,clara and shikin had fuck with yu tsai 😂 lol

  16. Jins Bullet says:

    For me, If im in-charge of choosing a model I will go for "Not so Good" model but will learn immediately rather than "So PRO Model" but bitch inside and with that attitude? Lol. Im not Bias just because Im a Filo. If Tu and Shikin have a kind heart like Maureen then maybe they're my bets. But no. Lol

  17. sunway 🤗 my home.
    the damn bridge is scary

  18. attitude is important but the main point is the discipline.
    be nice, talk politely, oh common guys, this is not a searching princess programme… top model will behave in any kind of attitude as long as they perform well and present a good level of discipline. all the best

  19. NOOOO Im from ph but,I want Cindy to stay too Maureen and Cindy should stay.

  20. Chowking and Chicken will be on Top 2!!!

  21. Vini Sabhina says:

    lol they attacked the undercover judge 😂😂😂

  22. Rahmah Ama says:

    who's xiao qing ??

  23. joemar br says:

    Yeah2x… hahahaha..So Xiao Qing is the undercover judge, and so she'll get into the nerves of those ill-mannered, self-proclaimed models, … I love it… Now the judges will know the real attitude of those bitches.

  24. shikin tu and clara think their the because the had a lot of experience in modeling
    but mauree is the youngest and she only stqrted modeling 2 months before she enterd the competition and shes one of the best so don't underestimate her

  25. yeah cindy might be eliminated because she didnt post any thanks post for cindy for the second chance for to many for on this caption im dead

  26. Emma BLitar says:

    I'm Indonesian but I hate Clara😠

  27. Shikin has a lot of experience thats why she gained more confidence and lol shes 24 already unlike baby maureen. For me shikin is the best in modeling but she doesnt have an attitude. She's 24 but she acts like 18? Where's the Professionalism? We know that maureen has a lot to experience and she needs a lot of training but see she's growing like she is now a supermodel ,she's very humble cute and very professional . I'm not bashing shikin ,im just telling the truth , truth hurts ya know!😂 I had a feeling that maureen will win this because she has a good heart and we know that she's trying so hard. And i know being good will always win! #Maureenlove😘

  28. Ariane Xmas says:

    Maureen will be the next Asia top model 2017

  29. Rosel Anglo says:

    did maureen eliminated?

  30. Rosel Anglo says:

    who will be the next asias next topmodels?

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