5 Minute Fat Burning Bikini Workout #87

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23 Responses

  1. i think that She is from czech republik.

  2. veekay says:

    the way u pronounce thirteen and fourteen is more sexier than ur perfect body in white bikini

  3. very beautiful woman

  4. Tempo Nelson says:

    Perfect form and beauty…😍

  5. Deftones 26 says:

    This chick must b from Narnia cause I've never seen a woman like this on earth.

  6. zuzka, ty for sharing this video. this is great. me and my friend can definitely do this workout. she's a mom. I'm not yet. but I'm trying to strengthen my hammys. this is great. ty very much new subbie. you have an amazing body and physique. 😊😄😉💪

  7. Jack Kerouac says:

    Some extra "supplements" definitely will close the gap between the average person and her level.

  8. Jack Heaton says:

    Dedication, Commitment, Genetics, Inspirational.

  9. She has very low body fat. I wonder if that has any health impact for her.

  10. She's perfect.  But, is it the work-outs, or, because she's young and cute to begin with?

  11. Dana DOT says:

    you are amazing,i love all of exercises that you post on youtube ,and i put them all into my rutine .Whatching your perfect body motivate myself to never give up.I am very impress ,about the results,this workouts really work, and the results are visibels once you do them 4-5 times per week,almost i learn to eat healthy foods .I include running once or to days per week,and also planks as much as i can,apart

  12. haha! "Let's zu dis."

  13. paul calvert says:

    Is your body just your exercises or a gym work out as well??

  14. Don Diego says:

    I love those legs

  15. you are so beautiful …. I love you

  16. you are so beautiful …. I love you

  17. Geralt121 says:

    this is a beautiful girl .masakra

  18. Joaquin Phi says:

    An extremely beautiful sexy woman, a patio with a big pool, a nice house, nice wether, who is the owner of all this…?? lucky guy.😞

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