Bikini Body Challenge – Week 1, Butt & Leg Workout

Hey everybody! #BikiniBodyJustiz is here! Don’t forget to take your “before” photo and upload your progress/transformation using that hashtag.

This is the first workout of the Challenge. This is a weight-optional workout, so use weight for the non-jumping exercises if you’d like. Repeat the whole workout 2-3 times for the best results.

Here’s your schedule for the week:
Monday: Butt & Legs (this video!)
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: Butt & Legs (this video!)
Thursday: Ab Workout (next video)
Friday: CARDIO DAY (on your own)
Saturday: Butt/Leg + Ab workout back to back
Sunday: REST
And get ready for the week 2 workouts!

You don’t have to specifically start on a Monday but try to follow the sequence I gave you in this video.

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28 Responses

  1. pooja Yadav says:

    maim I m following you.
    bt my weight is not down. what can i do. plz rply maim.

  2. Cracked Pc says:

    Does anyone else's knees hurt?

  3. What do you mean back to back? Just one set of each video?

  4. Omg I'm seeing people's comments and I can't wait to start this challenge asap. Can't wait to do this Vicky. ( so weird calling someone who has the same name as you lol )

  5. i dont understand the breathlessness …good toning but sound like ya running vicky

  6. I do like all her videos

  7. damn those hopping lunges bout made me pass out lmao

  8. I need to this every day?

  9. Hi Vicky, I am your fan! I am in. I will start the challenge on Monday. Lot of love from Spain. 😙😙😙

  10. Viki will these workouts help me not only achieve a bikini body, but also help me get a flat stomach?

  11. Dinamsp says:

    starting today 👍💪

  12. I started this challenge yesterday (Monday) and I definitely felt the burn and soreness in my butt during the workout and after. But today during rest day it's my legs that are really sore and not my butt. Is that to be expected?

  13. Awesome workout, hope you do more series of videos like this!

  14. I love watching all your videos ! swear it's goals

  15. Sweet Oats says:

    what's the clean diet you have to take? love Washington

  16. Raj Billa says:

    Started this workout on Sunday and felt it the next day on my legs and butt 😂 carrying on and looking forward to this 30 day challenge.

  17. Question: are these the workouts you have done to get your current physique?

  18. Hi! Am super inspired by your videos and am starting your 4 week workout plan along with diet and daily cardio. I was wondering if you could post a video to slim down a back and sides? Thanks! 🙂

  19. Started this workout plan this week 🙂

  20. Great info, thanks for sharing!

  21. Tyne Bennett says:

    I seriously feel like you post the most helpful workout videos on youtube!

  22. Desiree Miaa says:

    omg girl this workout is reeeeeaaaaaalllll ! just did it today and defenitly felt the burn. thank you going to follow through with the 30 days ♡

  23. you are helping me recover I am learning from you ain't that what this is for to learn I'm really trying to help my daughter and sister but Vicky it's very hard for me to find help so I must go with what i got I study spinal cord injury and amputee's so I am sorry if it's a little odd for other's to understand but I got no feet and I run and ride a bike work out at gold's gym and I get inspection for your videos but Miss Justis everyone needs help to recover Even the ones who don't know or understand disability and what it may take to get there

  24. 30 hip raises
    20 step ups each leg
    30 side hops
    30 jump lunges
    30 side steps
    30 curtesy lunges
    40 calve raises
    5 reps 10 bouncing squats

  25. jhon layers says:

    Does this make hip wider and butt bigger ??? Pls reply ……….

  26. gracias estas entera de rica

  27. Sylvia S says:

    I LOVE your videos!!!!

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