Model Loses It News Blooper

News blooper! Model loses it after on this man. More:

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27 Responses

  1. Asep Maulana says:

    The sexiest part of your body is your mind.

  2. you know they gonna have a good fuck later. also her ass is disgusting.

  3. Spectator says:

    It was a very lame prank, the guy was flirting with her too, or harrassing as people call it today.
    For those who enjoy this type of body (I know I do), her name is Rayssa Teixeira Melo

  4. Hebeli says:

    She looks fucking deformed and fugly as uck with her fake boobs, butt and face. Her face looks like she wants to kill you.

  5. babylady2005 says:

    I have news for her. She looks like shit with her deformed looking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. elbones1982 says:

    ehh brazilians are not very smart in general. now angry people write me your upset little love letters

  7. FIKRI says:

    itu d kasih apa

  8. This woman has a bad attitude

  9. teen.spirit says:

    you guys are over here saying how unappealing she is and that she is a 'bitch'. really? she's a model. she was there for him to put on the lotion; not smack her butt. fake or not, it's her body.

  10. aerrhh says:

    Stupid fucking bitch!

  11. April Pea says:

    she think she's all that, she is really ugly.. if the guy smacked her people would have rushed the stage

  12. WEkurtz79 says:

    Just like cats, they fight before they do it. If she genuinely doesn't like it, she will simply leave the room right away.

  13. ManIn Camo says:

    wow…look at that ass!

  14. Tracy Bowman says:

    What an ass…….

  15. she looks retarded ,hes doing his job dont sign up for the job if you can't handle it

  16. Samir Hamad says:

    fat whore complaining..;p;

  17. OK I think I understand, this bitch is CRAZY !!!

  18. I have no idea what the hell is happening, but I will not stop watching.

  19. If she dressed like that she asked for it. Period.

  20. Luke Hague says:

    how fucking retarded. she is dressed like a super slut and they get a guy to rub shit on her body..

  21. this is a situation: she is basically but naked on TV, but jet she want us to think that she has morals, yeah right, go do porn, that is for you bitch

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