Rob Gronkowski Gets Dirty with Models in New Music Video

Rob Gronkowski, lover of all things 69, has his most perverted dreams come true in a new music video from 3LAU, which also features his buddy and WWE superstar Mojo Rawley. Everything from bikini-clad car wash models, to being a human sushi dish, Gronk is living the life.

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44 Responses

  1. Longster86 says:

    I actually like Gronk and all he's got a fun personality but at times he can be an attention whore.

  2. them girls are gonna get this ding a ling

  3. Shut up lonzo ball

  4. mxsfitvic says:

    I really hate these new intros

  5. How about you pronounce the name right? Is not 3-lau it's 3lau (Blau)

  6. PSIII187 says:

    Damn, why are there no black girls in sight?


  8. No tony Gonzalez will always be the goat

  9. Jason Witten is the goat

  10. LaVar Ball says:

    My boys got more girls in the womb

  11. Aidan Knight says:

    jordan legget is the goat tight end

  12. Sx5 rxtro says:

    "MICHAEL COMES BCK TO THE NBA????" Fumble's intro. no guys mj is not really coming to the nba. I hate this annoying ass intro

  13. dbkattel says:

    He's gonna be a bit better than the second TE. I'm a patriots fan so Im biased

  14. Renector YT says:

    Who else is a tennis fan as well

  15. ELiTE [USUK] says:

    no tony g is the goat of tight ends

  16. Petar Bakmaz says:

    That guy is fucking lucky

  17. Andrew says:

    Gates will remain the GOAT

  18. Britt didnt choose good clothes. Less is best

  19. of coarse Gronk is the goat of TE

  20. qui nguyen says:

    Rob Gronkowski= Goatte Gratest of all time tight end

  21. Goronkowski is definitely the goat at tight ends

  22. lj videos says:

    yes he going to be in the show Bays

  23. I DON'T LIKE GRONK, But I respect him.

  24. Hell no he is not gonna be the goat of tight ends

  25. Josh Conner says:

    Travis Kelce is better than Gronk!!!

  26. DJARIA says:

    Bring her on the show

  27. Get rid of these intros they suck

  28. Men are in clothes. Women are naked. You know who's trash

  29. world peace2 says:

    Do you wanna get dirty with me britt…don't think I forgot about u too ty 😉

  30. the double standard is unreal. Odel did this everyone would be giving him heat and taint his image.

  31. Ice Ice baby says:

    No one I'm the goat

  32. gronk want to get dirty with britt

  33. Guys what about Tony Gonzales

  34. Damn britt your friend hot asf u should been in there 2 tho

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