Beach Bikini Shoot! // 5.20.17 [Season 3]

Larianne talks about her new bikini top that she plans to photograph at the beach. Jaden plays in his room while watching TV. Larianne & Roody drop the boys off then head to the beach to photograph the bikini model. After the shoot, they get some snacks at Donut Delight. Jaden plays again while watching TV at Nana’s house. Future LarJ closes the vlog.

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5 Responses

  1. I love the bathing suit. I hate when my cleavage shows because it's just uncomfortable so I may just order one of these days!!! So about a cute one piece?????

  2. You are so funny great job making the bikini top keep up the good work☺😄

  3. Dupe O says:

    I love your family..God bless y'all

  4. I love y'all y'all are a inspiration

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