Agua cara Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Runway Bikini Show | Midnight Fashion Show | Hot Catwalk

Agua cara Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Runway Bikini Show | Midnight Fashion Show | Hot Catwalk

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Describing clothes on characters isn’t nearly as fun writing an action scene. But let’s face it, clothes and their condition say as much about our characters as they do on real people.

Thankfully there are ways to sneak clothing descriptions into a scene without sounding like a fashion magazine.

When ever possible, let clothing and the character’s appearance leak into the scene as a bystander.

Clothing descriptions as a bystander to body language is used a lot.

Example: She sat, smiled and nodded her head. Beneath the table, her damp fists crushed the delicate silk of her evening gown while her kid boots tapped a rapid rhythm. This doesn’t sound like a description of clothing at all and yet the sentence shows the reader what the woman is wearing.

Excitement was in the air. The buzz around town was that a new fashion designer was making her debut, so I didn’t want to miss this event. The fashion show’s atmosphere was flowing with festive music. There a fragrant hint of sandalwood and ocean breezes throughout the room, which was strategically arranged. Fresh tropical and exotic floral arrangements were all over the place. The backdrop was very artsy, designed with vivid colors weaved in between muted pastels. There was an eight by fifty foot long, elevated runway extending through the heart of the room with seats surrounding each side. In attendance were about five-hundred enthusiastic spectators who were reading over their programs, chatting and finding their places. My view was clear with no obstacles in the way. I was fortunate enough to get a front row seat, because I am a famous fashion photographer. I was hyped and in gear; ready to shoot this highly publicized event.

Suddenly, the room dimmed and the chattering ceased. It was lights, cameras and action! In my amazement, my friend Randi was the first model to strut down the runway. She was wearing a vivid fuchsia and turquoise swimming suit with a beautiful, flowing chiffon cover-up of the same colors, with a twist of lemon yellow and matching shoes. Her hair stood up in a high beehive. I felt as though I was on an exotic island in the Caribbean. The view was simply breath taking, as I watched Randi strolling. She had the look of a bird of paradise; gently moving with the breeze. She was a queen. I was in awe to see this remarkably beautiful woman with so much talent, move me the way she did. She was modeling apparel and skillfully singing, as she glided down the runway. As she mesmerized the audience, I forgot what I was there for momentarily. People began to clap and cheer.

The fashion show consisted of thirty-five models, both male and female. They all wore tasteful garments in wonderful colors and fab.

A fashion show

Fashion show is one of the ways of advertisement. This is to attract the attention of the public and to educate them on the coming fashion. Unlike the advertisements in the news papers, a fashion show has the glamour of music, color, light and all theatrical effects. Since live models are used, it becomes very realistic and the audience has got a chance to see, discuss and criticize, and have some fun at the expense of the models. So there is no denying the fact that the fashion shows have become the fashion of the day and they have become pace setters of a fashion.

Thus recently I had an occasion to attend a fashion show organized by the Textile Mills Association and the Garment Makers’ Guild. This was held in the City Hall on a Sunday so that more people could attend. The hall was very tastefully decorated. The stage was set in such a way that the models could be viewed to advantage. The lighting was first class with concealed lights and provision for color lighting. Admission was by special invitation; otherwise the organizers could not control the crowd. Since my father received an invitation, we went to the show. Soft music was played to enliven the show.

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