5 Minute Fat Burning Bikini Workout #89

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36 Responses

  1. ewan thomas says:

    she ain't no freelee but qworrrrr!!!
    zuzka and freelee wrestling for my banana …come get it!
    nah only trolling lol keep up the hard work zuzka, and do a video on recovery , we need more info from you about that!

  2. Wow her body is insane!

  3. walmy305 says:

    OMG where has this wo been? been begging her for this. thank you! now where's my beer?

  4. one of my five top favorite trainers in YouTube 😍😍😍😚

  5. this video needs some more angles I can't figure out how my body should be with the scorpion push up part

  6. Sara Méndez says:

    man or woman, you can't help to admire her physique

  7. Uya78 İpek says:

    Whats that ball on YouTube right leg

  8. Chi says:

    5 minute workouts are my favourite, thanks!

  9. Impresionante lo fuerte y trabajada que estás. Llegar a niveles como el tuyo tiene un meritazo. Un saludo y buena suerte, aunque no te hace falta.

  10. Nice outfit. You look Incredible, woman:-))

  11. Zuzka you need to back to heaven 🙂

  12. HyperColours says:

    We're the same age but she's more muscley than me! a Guy!

  13. miked4309 says:

    fitness is so hot. please tell me a six pack on a woman is not sexy.

  14. and they say comics make characters that are unrealistic.

  15. Martin Jose says:

    I'm gonna ignore the fact of her stunning looks and unbelievable sexyness to point aout that the workut is one hell of a workout! Some difficult and demanding moves right there. Loved it!

  16. TheSololobo says:

    Your fit body is a piece of art and is a marvel to watch as you exercise.

  17. luminor007 says:

    Her body is perfection… and her accent is just the icing on the cake!

  18. IRON Maiden says:


  19. Kevin Pearce says:

    Your body % is TOO LOW ! you must get dizzy and sick. You need SOME body fat in order for your body to create energy !

  20. Telma Passos says:

    Wow, perfect body. I just can see of this body for a days. ;~

  21. Michael 732 says:

    I have never seen this method of KB swing. Very cool. Thanks.

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