How To Retouch Bikini Models Behind The Scenes Ep. 6

Learn more about the full tutorial at:

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44 Responses

  1. Hahahahahaha this was so freaking funny 😂

  2. Thanks for the laugh guys 😊

  3. decayedcake says:

    moron douchebag idiots

  4. Dest says:

    This was hilarious 😀

  5. Nel TooBe says:

    hilarious ans so so so so so so funny could relly relate…:)

  6. neoshazam says:

    Joey doing some hardcore performance art on you 🙂

  7. Don't think I could ever work.. much less partner up with someone like Joey. I'm amazed at Lee's patience with him, but I'm pretty sure it must be killing him. But much invested to call it quits now.

  8. hahahaha, I want to be like him, when I grow up…

  9. Joey would be a blast to work with and hang out with but I know you guys must be frustrated as hell! LOL! I have friends like that…

  10. ich says:

    I have the exact same method like Joe to learn for school.

  11. you are all the best 😉 nice work and videos

  12. Smokin07ram says:

    Dude….This stresses me out!
    Any business owner is going out of their minds watching this guy "work".
    This might be all in good fun, but when this much smoke there is always fire.

  13. Bob4golf1 says:

    How to Retouch a Bikini Model? Really? More like how stupid can you get. I'm just about over the FStoppers "look how cool we are" videos.

  14. skatertwig26 says:

    The Fox News part was funny haha

  15. David Mathis says:

    what is the music tite in our opening of the video?

  16. FenixRazer says:

    What is the song name in 1:50 Fstoppers ?

  17. Logan Jacob says:

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is like this. This is amazing! Joey you're the man.

  18. Only thing Joey Wright is a pro at is PRO-crastination.

  19. ZeroG84 says:

    What is this? I don't wanna give this guy money 😀 forget it!

  20. Samuel Faith says:

    I laughter my ass off, this episode is soo good.
    Real quick … What time it is? 😀

  21. Ethan Chin says:

    Joey sleeps a lot…

  22. Peter Morris says:

    This one won't sell a lot of tutorials!

  23. Rafał Drąg says:

    Seriously, this guy is one hell of a douche. If I had to flight to film some dude and he basically sleeps whole day and ignore my schedule, what I would do is pack my stuff and go back.

    I know this is BTS but seriously, I couldn't stand Joey's terrible attitude.

  24. Paul Hodgson says:

    That's funny but he'd drive me insane. Well done to you all for being so patient.

  25. Sarath Menon says:

    I touched a bikini model and then tried to retouch her. It did not go well.

  26. Tete Recinos says:

    lol at anyone that thinks working in the day is possible. Night crew ftw

  27. How can the episode from back in the states be the best so far? Hilarious!

  28. Cris Jensen says:

    You guys need to be making more of these BTS videos.

  29. Albert Yu says:

    What is the name of the songs that are used in a lot of the BTS videos??

  30. Albert Yu says:


  31. So there was really no tutorial

  32. JSGHD says:

    Awesome BTS video again, really love how you guys are so casually functional!

  33. More goofing off than editing. Lol

  34. Tom Crockett says:

    What is the song around when Joey starts to mask the bathing suit?

  35. what slider is that? The one that is carbon fiber and has the second shooter thing on it.


  37. amazing video like always

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