OLYMPIA 2016 Winner Bikini Fitness – Courtney King

Congratulations to the New Olympia 2016 Bikini Fitness Champion Courtney King. This was shot during a shoot with Iron Man Magazine earlier this year and we at Iron Man Magazine Sweden is happy to be able to present it

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27 Responses

  1. Courtney is a lesbian licking pussy vagina big boobs

  2. Robert Few says:

    Hot in soooooo many ways

  3. Lp Pr says:

    New queen of bikini

  4. Beti Ona says:

    This is Ironman or Banbros?

  5. Theblackahsa says:

    dat insanely cute face that you wanna love, and that bouble butt and slut attitude <3 perfect dream girl like showing off ass while taking the pants on..

  6. Kevin Tio says:

    does anyone know the name of the song?

  7. Attractive girl, but she does not look like a pro bikini competitor; a bit on the soft side.

  8. MegaDanny310 says:

    Ashley Kaltwasser should have won!!!

  9. Aryan Ghomi says:

    She has 40 pounds of make-up on.

  10. Larry Myers says:

    I fapped so hard to this! 😲

  11. Tim z says:

    they taking stills for pornhub?

  12. scotty dee says:

    This is not her thing. You can tell she's uncomfortable. She is more the girl next store type then the lingerie model. Just weird to me.

  13. has best butt, signed nude cars.

  14. George Bush says:

    American women and their silicone balls

  15. why do they always need to pose like that ?? after your gonna say its Trump fault…. hahahha

  16. She's probably a coal burner

  17. she is stunning but dont thi k she was the best in the Olympia

  18. Papuc Smen says:

    She needs a perfect man… like me :)))

  19. MrQlevert says:

    Bikini fitness is from the devil and the girls are ugly as hell. She devils trying to be sexy. They look like morons. Damn Freemasons starting this shot..devil worshipper BURN IN HELL..ROTTEN TOMATOES IS PREPERED FOR NEXT AWFUL SHOW..Doping-snorting -criminal gang is the game..I HATE YOU…I have come across of such a girl..and I understand what I am looking at..THE MOTTO IS..HOW DO YOU TURN AN ORDINARY GIRL TO A SWEARING RACIST BITCH?? YOU YOIN THE DEVILS CLUB..Yes, here name you should know, from the north of Sweden..TIS A WARNING..if a see this ugly bitch once again in this business..you will not have any…the campaign is coming, and you now been worn..and we take it again so you do and erst and me..I HATE YOUR BUSINESS!! In fact I am after you!! With fuzzy regards from Mr bear. Are you in the bear business? Oh , so much Mr bear loves your young girls..do you think you can lower the age? You know what bears likes..

  20. nightrios0 says:

    I love how the profile picture is Steve cook. But back to the video I think I'm in love 😍

  21. gifford lee says:

    I know I'm being picky.. but her nose is like ehhhhhh. I'm not feeling her nose.lmao

  22. Anonymous says:

    She is so young only what 23?

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