Worlds Greatest Bikini Shoot in Barcelona ♥︎ ♥︎

One of the best Bikini Fitness shoots ever! During Arnold Classic Europe we joined photographer Josef Adlt for a shoot with

Timea Trajtelova, 2015/2016 European junior winner and 2015 Overall World junior winner :

Yana Smith , Bikini Pro

Olivia Pohankova, Arnold Classic Europe 2016 Bikini Fitness Overall Winner (Pro Card)

Klára Šturmová, Bikini Fitness Competitior

Aneta Brožková 18 year old Bodyfitness Competitor

Photography by Josef Adlt

Video by Robin4life

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40 Responses

  1. Tobi 1971 says:

    is it hot in here? 🙂

  2. some of the comments on here are retarded, all these girls are smoking hot with ridiculous rigs. Keep up the impressive work girls!!

  3. A Black says:

    Still say the 2 with the most sex appeal are 1:40 and 1:27

  4. 2017 is awesome. Women on steroids with fake tits is such an awesome thing of beauty ! God Bless America !

  5. Gear Grinder says:

    Oh, I thought this was a video of women. These are just guys with tits. Fuck you.

  6. sw1000xg says:

    are these trannys?

  7. Chris 徐 says:

    They look like man.

  8. Deron 39 says:

    To manly looking for me😂

  9. Neth says:

    I don't find women that could lift me attractive.

  10. ben risley says:


  11. dugjay says:

    I shoot better pics with an iPhone.

  12. Dave G says:

    can't see no pussy

  13. Danny H. says:

    Glad these ladies aren't working out at the gym I'm at, since it would be way to distracting !

  14. SUPERNOVA says:

    Only one worth a shit 0:47 you're welcome

  15. SUPERNOVA says:

    Too bad the one at 1:38 looks like a Mack truck ran over her face

  16. Steve W says:

    You can tell they're on steroids because at least one of them is starting to look like a guy.

  17. BandB1111111 says:

    These women look great, but too much emphasis on body without equal attention to mind and spirit causes an imbalance.

  18. cash4medaily says:

    eat your heart out feminists

  19. the first cute girl was at 51 sec !! some have very manly facial structure. .. nice bodies but manly faces … but this is coming from an out of shaped older guy that has no right to critique any human but that doesn't stop me hahaha

  20. Really top girls, they die their lessons and workouts

  21. That one chick is so ugly.

  22. There is some really nice bikinis on this vid

  23. Ls Lx says:

    gals are alright. Still prefer latin gals. married to guitar shaped type body women and not straight cylindrical female shapes.

  24. Why does a Womens beautiful Booty Give us guys such big hard Wood ?

  25. are these drag queens??

  26. Shawn Dwyer says:

    Imagine eating those pussies and ass

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