Bikini Shoot With Nikki B

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42 Responses

  1. TuneTUBE says:

    You Look Stunning.

  2. Frances121 says:

    you're so down to earth and thats the thing I find so endearing about you Nikki!! love you! xx

  3. You deserve way more views for this video! Your body is improving so much, from watching your videos from a year ago! Your flawless! Love MLace too<3

  4. Keith Vu says:

    Amazing shoot. Just landed on Christian page 2 weeks back – the vids he presents been filling in some blanks on work out routines I needed to know and as a couple it's really inspiring to see you both working as a team. Didn't realize you had your own channel – I tuned in cause I use to shoot models as a photographer (still in advertising, but now in different line of work), and didn't see too much light setup or assistance, but when you have a funtastic model (who knows how to pose) + great setting – it just makes a great shoot day – really helps to have dynamite personality. Can't wait to see the final shots. Congrats!

  5. Sakshi singh says:

    She has a better body then most victoria's secret models.
    Keep up the good work Nik.

  6. body goals like damn girl you go!

  7. I love her hair! ❤️

  8. whats the song called when yall were walking into the house?!

  9. raecat90 says:

    Your body is such awesome motivation! 

  10. Wow beautiful body I give you mad props!!!

  11. Hailey Hauck says:

    God give me strength im weak ????????????????

  12. job1181 says:

    +Nikki Blackketter dude Southwest is about to go more international, eventually we'll be able to fly from Hobby to Havana Cuba. Granted Broadway is torn up to shit right now with the airport expansion. ????

  13. if only all girls squatted… life would be perfect

  14. Joel Garcia says:

    This is the same guy who shoots Ana Delia out of Puerto Rico. I'm sure these photos will be amazing even though you'd look amazing regardless of who shot the pics

  15. Maddie O says:

    You look AMAZING! 

  16. david Foster says:


  17. Do you drink alcohol and if so what's best drink to have if going on a night out that's low calorie 

  18. Owlie hod says:

    can you do a what you eat in a week video please and how you cook your food please I would  really like to know how you go about your days and what you do to keep your body like that. I used to have a body like that when I was younger you are an inspiration and if you keep showing your body and what you do not pushing things down people like oh be like me type of thing you know maybe people would want to strive to be healthier and eat better for a day or at least a meal you know or at least to know what you are doing. Thx

  19. How tall is she??

  20. My goodness! That was smoking hot footage! Motivated the F%$k out of me!

  21. ZimZombi says:

    you have to do something about that posture, i know it's cool to pose like zyzz and all but wouldnt it be good to finally see a woman that has strong posture that is not a crossfitter and knows how to pose?

  22. Garr3tt76 says:

    6:25 Dat lonely quest bar

  23. UGH GIIIIIIRL. You make me want to literally LIVE in the gym. PERFECTNESS ALL AROUND <3 give me your body PUHLEASE ;)

  24. c schaan says:

    She needs her natural hair color

  25. r mac says:

    Yeah!!! i like

  26. You two are hilarious….

  27. Dervint says:

    I just skipped to 5minutes in LMAO.

  28. Hey you look good, and your boyfriends favorite channel on YouTube. Keep it up you and him have came so fare it's crazy. 

  29. katycatmlo6 says:

    Does anyone know why she doesn't upkeep her roots? I just think they would look so much better done! And I'm sure she has the moola. 

  30. fuck the haters,your a bombshell !!!!

  31. J2Dxplicetz says:

    Makes me feel good watching her because she is such a nice girl

  32. Gainz City says:

    dayummm that girl is one of a kind! abs, booty, legs its a dream ????

  33. Downloader77 says:

    I am not feeling very normal … during the video, annoyingly, I had a recurring thought of all the bird poop on that tennis court ????

  34. otaku_dreamz says:

    Jesus your sexy 

  35. Jochum says:

    audio is awfil only the left works or something.

  36. Nikki! who sings all these remixes you play! I wanna download them :)

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